If you’ve decided to become a follower of Jesus, your next step is to be water baptized. This is not something you wait to do until you’ve mastered your understanding of the Bible or until you’ve cleaned up your life a bit. The biblical pattern is for people to get saved and then get baptized immediately or shortly after deciding to follow Christ.  

Much like your wedding ring is an external symbol of your inner commitment to your spouse, baptism is an external symbol of your inner commitment to Christ. And it’s how Christians go public with their decision to follow Jesus.

When you’re ready to do so, you can sign up to be water baptized by visiting our Guest Services area (located in the foyer) on any given Sunday, clicking on the events tab on the church app, or by filling out the form below

If you want to learn more about why water baptism is an important next step to take in your faith journey, check out this quick sermon clip.

For an in-depth sermon on baptism, watch this sermon delivered by our Executive Pastor, Andrew Charko.