Support the Ministry of New Day Church by Giving:
Marketable Securities Gifts

(stocks, bonds, preferred shares, and ETFs)

Please follow these instructions to gift Marketable Securities (stocks, bonds, preferred shares, and ETFs) to New Day Church:

Step 1: Initiate Transfer

Ask your broker to electronically deliver your securities to: 

• Brokerage: Raymond James & Associates, Inc.
• Address: One Monarch Place Suite 1210, Springfield MA 01144 
• DTC Number: 0725
• ACCT Name: New Day Church INC. (Tax ID #: 862274875)
• ACCT Number: 3638M567 

Step 2: Notify New Day Church 

You will need to provide us some information about the gift for audit and acknowledgment purposes.
Please fill out the electronic form below at the time of transfer:

*If you have any questions, please e-mail

Thank you for giving to God through New Day Church!