The Mission

In accordance with Jesus’ Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) we exist to make, mark and mature disciples.

We make a disciple when we help someone get saved.

When someone decides to go public with the decision they’ve made to follow Jesus, we mark them as a follower of Jesus by water baptizing them.

And we help those who get saved and baptized to mature in their faith by teaching them God’s Word (both on Sundays and in Small Groups).

The Vision

In accordance with Acts 1:8 our vision is multi-site. That is, our picture of what the future could be and should be is to one day have multiple New Day locations throughout this region.
After his death and resurrection, Jesus told his followers to start a gospel-preaching church in Jerusalem. Even though Judea was right next door Jesus told them to start another gospel-preaching in Judea. And even though Samaria was right next to Judea, Jesus told them to put a gospel-preaching church there too. Jesus said to continue adding gospel-preaching churches until they filled the world. “Multi-site” is the word we use to capture the heart of what Jesus has instructed us to do.

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